Fall in Love with YOU!

Here's an oldie but a goodie. It was my first article published in an online magazine a year and a half ago. And since February is the month of love and romance, it is perfect timing to re-introduce tips on how to love YOURSELF!

How many times have you fallen in love?  Once? Perhaps more?
When we’re truly in love with someone, we think about that person all the time and do special things for them. We want to spend time with them.  But, I ask you: Have you ever fallen in love with you?
Learning to love and take care of the person in the mirror can be quite a task. Between our busy work schedule and finding time for our careers, families and other obligations, it’s easy to lose track of the one special person who needs us the most — ourselves!
Whether you’re young, older, single without kids, or married with a soccer team, most women can agree that there are areas of self-love that they can improve.  No one in this world can love you more than yourself.
Want to fall in love with you?  Start with these three powerful tips!  
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  1. Look how much you have done since your first published post! So Proud!! And who better to write on "loving you" than you...because we allll know ya do.. "ay, I’m just so amazing" – Minerva :)

  2. LOL!! Self love is very important..Some of us are better at loving ourselves than others...Nothing wrong with that ;)