14 Lessons Learned for 2014

As promised, here is Part II to my previous blog. I really hate the whole "New Year, New Me" bit but I do believe that every new year gives us another opportunity to get things right. So here are the 14 lessons that I am bringing into 2014. 
  1. My mom is my best friend. I knew this already but as I get older, it becomes crystal clear. She was, is, and will always be my #1 supporter. No one wants my happiness more than she does. The older I get, the more I understand, value, and respect the type of mother that she is. And she's so short and cute!
  2. Family does not mean blood related. I have a small group of friends who have become thicker than blood. I was not given biological sisters but God has blessed me with sisters anyway. I think that makes it special. And at least he let me pick them!  
  3. The way our parents raise us is either a blessing or a curse, or both. You will realize it in EVERY area of your life. You will see.
  4. Love changes. It grows. It dies. It intensifies. It comes and goes. And then comes right back stronger than ever. Or flies away with the wind. It does all of that right before our eyes and we don’t even notice. "We are not the same person this year as last; nor are those we love. It's a happy chance if we, changing, continue to love a changed person"- My favorite quote of all time!
  5. Your metabolism really does slow down as you get older and losing weight just becomes harder. Why oh why?!
  6. Social media can mess with your head. It's NOT that serious. Not everything that’s important belongs on your Instagram or Facebook page... Or does it?... Who knows?! Maybe I haven't actually figured this out.. Moving on.
  7. This might not make sense BUT I learned to believe in destiny and that God has life all planned out so don't even bother trying to alter his plans. BUT that does not mean you can just sit back and wait for things to happen. Life is 100% your responsibility. Things don't just happen. You need to work really hard to get what you want! It's an oxymoron I know but that's just what it is.
  8. We really are all fighting our own battle and we all want to make it... Make it where? Who knows? But we want to make it.
  9. You really should save your money. Like now! We work too hard to not have a dollar saved when we need it. And yet, you should enjoy it. Because guess what?... life is way too short so enjoy that new bag and you might as well get the wallet to match. But remember, there is more to life than a nice bag (note to self again). Spend your money on things that count like your education, your health, and a home. But still... You should definitely get the bag! Lol! It's so important to find a balance. Can you tell I haven't quite figured this out yet? I'm getting better!
  10. As you get older, you really hope that God is listening to your prayers. As your parents and grandparents get older, as your friends start having babies or you start to have your own, as you start to realize the things that really matter to you, you really hope that he is watching over whom you love.
  11. I learned that as amazing as we may think we are, there is always going to be someone more amazing. And that’s fine. Because when things aren’t going great for you, remember that they are going worse for someone else. It’s just what it is. Everyone has his or her ups/downs, strengths/ weaknesses and it is so important for us to recognize that.  We cannot be amazing at everything for we all deserve our chance to shine. We win some and we lose some.
  12. That whole "I only love you if you love me" bit is STUPID. We love who we love. We just have to learn to love wiser. Oh and karma... It really does exist. And it doesn’t forget about anyone.
  13. And on that note, loving yourself FIRST is crucial for the development of every other relationship you will have. We show others how to treat us. And if we don't love ourselves first because we're so busy giving our all to someone else, we make it okay for others to not love us unconditionally either.
  14. You will learn so much about who you are as a person when you are in a romantic relationship. In the beginning, middle, and end. When it’s good, bad, and ugly. But you will mostly learn about yourself when it's bad and ugly. Not just about yourself as a boyfriend or girlfriend but yourself as a person. And coincidentally, that’s when you learn the most about your significant other too. And with that said, relationships are HARD. They are a lot of work and both partners have to make a daily commitment to one another. It will not work if one person is doing all the work. Not even if that one person is giving 200%. 
So, there you have it.....Any lessons you learned in 2013 that you're bringing into 2014? Share your thoughts below!


  1. Love this! Keep the amazing posts coming!

  2. So cute!! And I know #2 is really geared towards me...so none of that sidekick crap!! #kabuki